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M&M TF10 Specifications

Length Overall
10.0 m
Main Hull Length 10.0 m
Float Length 10.0 m
6.8 m
Beam with Rack Seats 7.66 m
Beam Folded 2.50 m
Rig Height from DWL 17.49 m
Draft 2.26 m
Number of Crew 4
Sailing Boat Weight 1350 kg
Upwind Area 77 m2
Downwind Area 114 m2

Foil Configuration:

4-Point Foiler; Z-Daggerboards and T- Rudders

Mainhull, Outriggers and Beams:

CarbonFiber Prepreg with Nomex Honey comb sandwich Core

Foils and Rudders:

Carbon Fiber high modulus Prepreg Autoclaved Cured


Carbon Fiber high modulus Prepreg Autoclaved Cured


North Sails 3Di Raw

Expected Performance:

~38 knots knots Top Boatspeed
~14 knots Foilborne Boatspeed
7 knots Foilborne Windspeed Downwind

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