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TF10 – Foiling Trimaran

TF10 – Foiling Trimaran

The TF10 (in-house designation for Trimaran-Foiler, Length=10 meters) was commissioned by a group composed of New York Yacht Club members with an appreciation for fast, apparent wind sailing and modern technology. With advances in hydrofoil sailing platforms being developed within the two most recent America’s Cup cycles, C-class Catamarans, A-Class catamarans, and a range of in-house projects like the Superfoiler, Nacra 17, and Nacra 20 FCS, this core group of enthusiastic sailors endeavored to develop a new class of foiling, one design, yacht races in a platform that was straightforward to launch and sail, accessible to non-professionals, and retaining the ability to be day sailed for leisure. A trimaran nicely fulfills this objective with its large platform size and interior volume of the mainhull while adding foiling daggerboards and a folding beam system round out the concept.

During the design process, we drew inspiration from elements of various open development classes and in-house innovations to create a new style of foiling trimaran. Early on, we decided on a four-point foiling system, developed in the A-class as a rule buster. Through our work with the Nacra 17 it was discovered to be beneficial from a crew work perspective, eliminating the need to tack the daggerboards and saving time around the course against the faster, but more difficult to tack three point foiling architectures. Experience with end-plated, deck sweeper mainsails from MM/GlaserSails A-Class development were incorporated into the sailplan to benefit the foiling performance with a lower center of effort and efficient aerodynamics. The folding trimaran innovation of the late pioneering trimaran designer, Ian Farrier was included for its remarkable ability to reduce the footprint of a trimaran. However, making the folding platform and traditional trimaran structures ready to withstand the different loads of a foiling boat was a task for advanced design tools, including finite element models of the beam and main bulkhead structures.

The performance was analyzed and further optimized using North Sails’ aerodynamic design input, and in-house implementation of North Sails’ Run VPP, a foil design program, and also RANS CFD with NUMECA’s FINE/Marine software. The end result is a platform which met its design objectives out of the box and should provide quite an exciting and high level of one design racing.

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