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Nacra 17 mkII

Nacra 17

Following the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, the class voted to upgrade the boat to a foiling configuration for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. As foiling technology has progressed through Americas Cup, consumer production boats, and development classes like the A-cat and Moth, this decision reflects the state of the art in performance sailing. With the C-daggerboard from the 1st Olympic Quadrennial, many sailors were already experimenting with high foil lift fraction downwind and crew balance to achieve performance. Without rudder elevators, the crew work was essential to maintain stability of the boat, where a mistake could heavily penalize this approach. By switch to a z-foil configuration with both windward and leeward daggerboard fully deployed at all times, this reduces the crew work load and makes maneuvers easier. Recently the Nacra 17 was also confirmed through 2024 for the Paris Games.

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Morrelli & Melvin already proved to be a successful combination with NACRA with several earlier designs such as the NACRA Playcat (1995), NACRA Inter F18(1995), NACRA F18 Infusion(2005) & The NACRA F20 Carbon(2010). Both F18’s designed by Morrelli & Melvin became World Champion in the F18 class numerous times, the F20 Carbon is proving to be a true racing machine sailed by the more heavier sailors and winning events on line honors and handicap. Morrelli & Melvin is widely involved in the latest America’s cup designs and always on top of what knowledge is available to implement in new designs such as this NACRA 17 and 15.

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